Michal Kozák

IT Admin, SysAdmin, DevOps guy

Curriculum vitæ

I moved my focus to all things DevOps starting in February 2020 by learning Kubernetes the hard way. I was tasked with deploying a backend to Azure AKS, so I've written all YAML from scratch (well, almost, thanks Kompose) in a matter of two weeks.

I'm using Docker and its tools (docker-compose, Dockerfile) with orchestration (Kubernetes on AWS and Azure, but also Docker Swarm and MicroK8s), and CI/CD provided by TeamCity or Jenkins. I've used NGINX, Traefik or Ambassador as ingress controllers.

I prefer Ubuntu or CentOS environments under Proxmox, with Ansible doing all the heavy lifting. I've used Terraform on Azure. I'm utilizing SOPS for managing secrets.

I'm using either Git or Plastic SCM for VCS and GitOps, with YouTrack for keeping track of bugs and tasks.

I have basic knowledge of Python language, HTML/CSS, and PostgreSQL and MySQL administration.

My homelab is running on multiple nodes of Ubuntu machines, serving me all-dockerized Quake 3 Arena OSP dedicated server, Pi-hole, Nebula, Portainer, Unifi Controller, and Jenkins building this very website using Ivy, serving it with Caddy, and Traefik as reverse-proxy.

I'm currently dabbling more into learning Helm, Argo CD, Go, and sharpening my Ansible, Terraform, Bash, and Python knowledge.


GRIP Digital, s.r.o.

IT/System Administrator, DevOps
5/2019 - present

Do-it-all role, from desk-support to DevOps.

I've deployed backend for an unannounced project to Azure AKS, including NGINX Ingress or ELK. Later moving the same project to AWS EKS, utilizing AWS's NLB, CloudWatch, S3, and more. This includes setting up a CI/CD pipeline from TeamCity using Docker images.

I'm also managing company's on-premise infrastructure, keeping inventory using Snipe-IT, and servicing a multitude of internal tools (Plastic SCM server, YouTrack, Upsource and other).

2media.cz, s.r.o.

IT Administrator
9/2012 - 9/2020

Point of contact for all employees. Mostly remote tech support on Windows and macOS machines.

Being PR agency and relying heavily on emails, I'm managing an Ubuntu VPS with custom Postfix server, Let's Encrypt and OpenDKIM for them.

Universal Music, s.r.o.

IT Administrator, Digital Releases Manager
4/2010 - 4/2019

Provided tech support role for both Czech and Slovak branches. Also managed on-premise Windows server, with having a little to do with SCCM and AD.

Slowly moved into a digital releases manager, and being responsible for distributing everything digital incoming from any signed artist to services such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and more.

I also made lots of short Instagram or YouTube video spots using VEGAS Pro and Sony Sound Forge.